Victoria’s secret models caught without makeup

1.22-year-old Bella Hadid

In a model career, Bella Hadid has already achieved success. For example, in 2016 ‘Model of the Year’ award went straight to Bella Hadid. A few years ago she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel and so is she now! She always underlines her and her family’s religion of Islam. With a superstar-alike face and skin of a great beauty and brilliance, Bella doesn’t need any make-up to be magnificent.

2.36-year-old Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is known not only as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but as an actress as well. She started walking for Victoria’s Secret in 1999. And they appreciate her a lot. Sometimes, as it was in 2017, they appreciate her even more than any other their Angels. It takes just one glance at Adriana Lima to understand her Brazilian origin. Understand and admire her appearance. Even when she is natural, she is still charming and rocks the world!

3.28-year-old Martha Hunt

Martha Hunt is an American model to the very roots of her being. Her engagement in Victoria’s Secret fashion show dated back in 2013. And as two years have passed by, Martha signed her first Angel contract with Victoria’s Secret. Incredibly beautiful, she appears to be a real masterpiece of a human being. Definitely, her red as the rose lips are attractive even without any lipstick on them.

4. 36-year-old Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the biggest names in the fashion business. She has walked in at least 10 Victoria’s Secret’s runway shows with her last walk in 2017. Alessandra is at the top of Forbes list when it concerns models’ fee. She has worked with Armani and Christian Dior. Ralph Lauren and Next are other brands she has walked for. Absence of make-up simply can’t make her look less beautiful so gorgeous she is.

5. 21-year-old Vanessa Moody

Vanessa Moody is another young but already successful model. We beg you will begin dreaming about a wellness journey once you contemplate Vanessa’s slim figure such a perfect body she has. Her cheeks resemble a peach in their tone and don’t need any foundation or powder. The flawless features of her face attract admiring gazes even when she doesn’t wear any make-up.

6. 27-year-old Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes is from a fashion-connected family with a mom who works as a fashion stylist for celebrities and a sister who, by her 19, has build a model career also. Her model career started when she was 15. Jasmine’s abs the shape of her buttocks makes you envy. It seems her gymnastics past didn’t get wasted. Her beauty outstands even with no make-up. But her cheekbones are a real piece of art!

7. 24-year-old Gisele Oliveira

Gisele Oliveria is another beautiful angel of Vicotria’s Secret Angel’s cohort. She started her model career in Brazil, her native land, but developed a great success in US model business. She has even appeared in Maxim. Does she has any natural beauty or it is all due to cosmetics? Well, look at her at this picture. She is natural here. And she is a stunner here.

8. 29-year-old Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is famous not only by walking for Victoria’s Secret since 2011 and being a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015. She was in campaign for Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, contracted with Guess, and Ungaro, worked with Free People and H&M. She has beautiful eyes that resemble heaven in their color. Her long eyelashes don’t need any mascara. Definitely, Elsa is a real beauty in her natural look.

9. 22-year-old Herieth Paul

Herieth Paul was born in Tanzania, but has built herself as a model in Canada. By her 22, she has a great portfolio with Diane von Fürstenberg, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Cavalli, and Lacoste brands in it. She modeled for Armani and Calvin Klein. And she was in campaign for Tom Ford in 2013. She is extremely beautiful with no make-up. Well, Victoria’s Secret always make a great choice and selects the most charming models.

10. 24-year-old Josephine Skriver

In 2011 Danish model Josephine Skriver walked for the first time. By now, she has more than 300 runway shows on her plate. A lot of world-famous fashion brands have the pleasure of working with her. Josephine has appeared in the most branded magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Vogue. For some of them, she was shot for the cover. Her natural beauty is so bright that she can easily do without any make-up.