Top 10 celebrities with mixed ancestry

1. Shay Mitchell: Filipino + Irish

Shay Mitchell is not only a famous model and actress (for example, watch Pretty Little Liars). She also writes books and runs a successful business. Besides, Mitchell is a philanthropic and run a few campaigns for supporting LGBT rights and decrease sex trafficking. Her mother has Filipino roots whilst her father has Irish ones. And this mix has positive reflects in Shay’s appearance.

2. Jessica Szohr: Hungarian + African-American

Jessica Szohr is a very talented American actress. One of her biggest roles was Vanessa Abrams in The Gossip Girl series. Later, she acted successfully for Two Night Stand, not to mention her roles in The Orville and Complications. Her parents were born in Hungary but had a great mixture of their ancestry. So, if you take two parts of Hungarian blood, one part of African-American blood, and, one part of something else, you will get that beautiful Jessica Szohr.

3. Maya Rudolph: African-American+ Jewish

It’s hard to imagine more charming, vivid, and full with a good humor person as Maya Rudolph. As an American actress and comedian, she had a lovely role in Bridesmaids. She was a keyboard player in the band The Rentals. At least, she won the Robert Altman Award. As a woman, Maya is the mother of four kids with just one of a male gender. Her father had a Jewish ancestry whilst her mother’s parents were African-American. Is this race mixture a secret of her mesmerizing look and character?

4. Vanessa Hudgens: Irish-American + Filipino

Vanessa Hudgens is an American singer and actress. She had an enormous success due to the movie High School Musical where she acted one of the leading roles. A talented and hard-working bee, Vanessa got her first job at the age of eight. We are proud to include her in our mix-race celebrity list as she enjoys Irish and American roots on her paternal side and Filipino on her maternal side.

5. Ne-Yo: African-American + Chinese

Do you know Shaffer Chimere Smith, an American singer and songwriter? Of course, you do! However, you may know him better as Ne-Yo. His best hits include In My Own Words, Stay, not to mention Let Me Love You. The last one goes deeply into one’s heart as soon as one starts listening to this beautiful song. With an African-American mother and a father of Chinese and African-American mix, he might have had quite a happy youth. However, when he was just a baby, his parents divorced and his mother brought up him on her own.

6. Jesse Williams: African-American + Swedish

In 1981, a family of a Swedish woman and an African-American husband got a child, a boy with eyes of blue color with a green shade. As the times went, this boy grown up and turned into a handsome man with those wonderful eyes that can easily win the heart of the very last woman. Did you recognize the man? Yes, this is Jesse Williams! His acting in Grey’s Anatomy kept us astonished and nominated him for the People’s Choice Award.

7. Christina Aguilera: Irish-Dutch-German-Scottish + Ecuadorian

Christina Aguilera is another example of a multi-race world-known personality. From her father, she inherited Ecuadorian blood whilst her mother endowed her with a striking mixture of Irish-Dutch with German-Scottish. One of Christina’s achievements is winning Grammy Awards five times. Another achievement is her hit Dirrty. At last, she won the people’s heart with her Ain’t No Other Man, turning them into her great fans.

8. Olivia Munn: German-English +Vietnamese-Chinese

Olivia Munn is an American actress famous at least for her roles in political drama series so popular on an American TV. The Newsroom and movie X-Men: Apocalypse. The secret of her exceptional beauty is into her both European and Asian appearance. She got the first one from her father who was part German and part English and the second from her mother with Vietnamese and Chinese roots.