Taylor Swift has cut her own hair since lockdown began

Taylor Swift has cut her own hair since the beginning of lockdown.

The ‘cardigan’ hitmaker has become her own hairdresser and makeup artist due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and she admitted it was “really fun” getting to do her own glam for shoots.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Taylor said: “I haven’t had a haircut by anyone except for myself since lockdown started. And that’s kind of how it’s been, like how can I make art and make visuals that go with this art where I can’t ask my hair and makeup people and my stylist to quarantine for two weeks away from their families. I’m not going to ask them to do that, and ask them to fly and expose themselves to the virus. So how can I possibly make a cover on my own? Could I just sort of DIY this? So I asked my friends if I could use their field and their woods. And I used a photographer who works alone. She doesn’t have assistants. She shoots on film. So we were carrying bags of film out in fields. And I’d be touching up my lipstick and then I’d run out into a field and she’d take pictures. It was really fun.”

Elsewhere, Taylor spoke about how she wanted to represent the different seasons on her albums ‘folklore’ and evermore’ and admitted filming in the woods was also “the easiest” way to do a photo shoot amid the pandemic.

She said: “So many people during the pandemic just were going on hikes and trying to get outside because it was … nature symbolized this strange comfort all of a sudden where everything was completely off-kilter and nobody could really figure out how to get their bearings. And so we all went outside or we all tried to go camping or tried to go hiking or go on drives.

“It’s not that this album is all about like the forest and the woods and stuff. It’s got hints of that …One thing I wanted to do with ‘folklore’ is I wanted it to represent spring and summer. And when I made ‘evermore’, I knew that I wanted to fill in the rest of the seasons of the year and have it reflect fall and winter. So that’s another element that nature came into it. But also it was the easiest way that we could do a photo shoot.”