Megan Barton-Hanson Will Teach Frustrated UK Women about Sex

Love Island certainly gave the UK much more celebrities than we expected. Since many of the participants of the show are very active on Instagram, it is understandable that they manage to keep up their celebrity status even after the conclusion of the show. The means of supporting stardom differ from one celebrity to another.

Megan Barton-Hanson, for example, decided to give UK women some sex tips. The hot lady did not spend time idling after the conclusion of Love Island. Instead, she decided to launch her own edition of stylish sex toys. She also said that she will be sharing sex tips and tricks with potential clients of her brand.

Megan has been on the public radar due to her frivolous behavior and openness in regard to her sexual life and preferences. Now, she is talking to her fans about the importance of staying mentally healthy and satisfying one’s sexual desires. She stressed that it is very important amidst the currently growing coronavirus pandemic.

The idea behind this brave marketing campaign is actually quite simple. As various self-isolation orders continue forcing people to stay home, more and more time can be dedicated to exploring sexuality and female bodies. A wide array of sex toys designed and, reportedly, tested by Megan will be promoted during several online “lessons” from the model.

The brand is called “Megan Loves” and features a variety of vibrators. The company behind the production, Ann Summers will offer the celebrity a variety of toys to test and review. Each week, Megan will choose three top “performing” devices that will be branded with her seal of approval.

Megan Barton-Hanson can be considered an expert in this field. She recently revealed that she was making good money as a webcam girl and used a bunch of toys not only for her own pleasure but “professionally” as well. She definitely knows a thing or two about the best toys out there.