Lisa Snowdon feels comfortable in her own skin

Lisa Snowdon has found a “truly freeing” comfort in her own skin.

The 48-year-old star revealed that she longer worries about what other people think of her and has instead learned to “embrace life” and “have fun”.

Lisa said: “I’m so much less concerned about what people think of me now. That’s not to say I don’t take care of myself, but I’m so much more accepting of the changes that occur as you mature.

“Embrace life, have fun, turn the music up really loud and dance like crazy. It’s about embracing who you are and doing things that make you feel good for you. It’s not indulgence, it’s necessary.”

The presenter recently celebrated her five-year anniversary with fiance George Smart and she’s appreciative of being around such a “positive person” in what has been a challenging year.

Lisa explained: “He’s such a positive person but especially in a year like this, when life has often felt so challenging, scary and strange, he’s got this incredible hope and enthusiasm that is such a terrific energy to be around.

“He’s gorgeous, he’s fun and I love that we’re a team.”

Lisa first met George two decades ago before the pair were reunited through friends and she confessed that her love life was in “limbo” before their romance.

The brunette beauty told HELLO! magazine: “For a long time, I was kind of in limbo about what I deserved from a relationship.

“It was only when I took time out to reassess what I’d been doing as far as relationships go – the kind of people I was attracting and how that made me feel about myself – that I could work out what I did want and channel that. That’s when George came back into my life.”