Lauren Goodger Is Weird: Stops Wearing Face Masks Due to Fans’ Reaction

Lauren Goodger was one of those celebrities who proudly wore masks and appeared in public wearing stylish face masks. Sadly, the celebrity was not promoting a more cautious and responsible approach to the currently storming pandemic. She still went to various shops and did not want to stay home despite the pleas from the officials.

Well, the last time she was caught in public, she was not wearing a mask. Instead, her makeup highlighted her plump lips. Stylish as always, the celebrity made a run to the nearest supermarket, allegedly, to get some toilet paper. The craze for rolls of TP is definitely something whimsical in the worst sense of the word.

The hunt for a roll of paper was successful, and the star quickly retreated back to her homestead. Interestingly enough, she is staying home right now and did not spend much time outside. However, she did not put on her now-infamous black facemask.

It seems that the backlash from fans after her series of selfies in the mask was enough to stop the celebrity from appearing in it ever again. A couple of days ago, she made an Instagram post in which she appeared wearing a nice black mask covering her face. Unfortunately, fans were not impressed by her fashion choices. In response to multiple comments full of criticism, she simply told the haters to go away.

It seems that the celebrity was not enjoying the criticism after all and did take the comments closer to her heart than she admitted. Still, Lauren, please wear a mask outside.