Kim Kardashian’s Underwear Company Will Switch to Sewing Masks

The world is currently fighting one of the biggest biological threats in history: SARS Cov-2. The novel coronavirus has been sweeping countries. The current number of infected is way above 800 thousand across the globe with some experts believing that the real number of people currently having the virus is at least ten times higher.

During such a crisis, celebrities, rich people, corporations, politicians, and regular Joes have to work together. It seems that Kim Kardashian duly noted that her recent $1M donation did not spark a positive response from fandom as many pointed out that promoting her business while making a donation is not the best of practices.

Kim Kardashian recently appeared on the View via a video call and told the hosts that her brand SKIMS is currently exploring options to start producing face masks. Kim’s fragrance line can start making hand sanitizers.

Kim was adamant about her desire to be helpful during these trying times. However, there are many logistical and technological hurdles ahead. On top of that, she is just trying to sort out some other problems related to producing effective medicinal equipment and supplies that would be helpful in the fight against the pandemic.

SKIMS is a brand potentially most suited (amongst underwear manufacturers) to make face masks. The company is focusing on producing simply looking shapewear. While Kim herself was bombarded with criticism after announcing that she will be donating a million bucks to help alleviate the pressure from the pandemic in the US, she also has more resources to help the NHS.