Jameela Jamil Regrets Coming Out of the Closet

Jameela Jamil rarely receives wide coverage in media outlets. She is not an A-lister or a scandalous celebrity. However, one of her recent decisions made the internet explode. She decided to become a judge on a show called Legendary. The show is strongly focused on the LGBTQ demographic and promotes the causes of the community.

Fans of the show were upset that a straight woman never associated with the LGBTQ community would be a judge on the show. In response to the backlash, Jameela announced that she has been a queer for a long time and tried to hide her sexuality before. The timing was off, to say the least.

Her confession, albeit an honest and emotional one, was not received well by the fans who accused her of using the statement to just protect herself from criticism. Jameela did not expect such energetic feedback and decided to just let the storm pass by. However, she later told Variety that she has been hiding her true sexuality due to being from South Asia where such things are often shamed.

She also added that she did not like the idea of having her sexual life scrutinized by fans. After the confession, the star of The Good Place said that it felt great to finally confess and get on with it. Jameela had to refute some of the accusations thrown in her direction by angered fans. Some said that she had a mental problem and pretended to have a non-traditional sexual orientation.

It is interesting that Jameela was a centerpiece of another scandal involving fan speculations and allegedly false accusations. She appeared on the show Good Morning America in 2018 during which she was injured losing a piece of a tooth and breaking several bones including her nose. However, fans tried to come up with a conspiracy that she was not harmed at all.

Hopefully, we can just forget about the confession made by Jameela recently. She is a great actress and deserves to be treated kindly.