10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

1. The Avenues Mall

Location: Selangor, Malaysia
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet): 117,000

With more than 800 stores covering an area of 117,000 sq. the Avenues Mall is the largest shopping mall in Kuwait and the second largest in the Middle East. The mall which was founded in 2007, won the ICSC Gold Award for “Best Shopping Center 2013”. Currently, there are still plans on going to increase the number of stores from 800-1,100, thereby increasing the size of this already gigantic shopping mall.


2. Jamuna Future Park

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet): 1,614,586

Jamuna Future Park is the largest shopping malls in Bangladesh and is owned by Jamuna Group. The mall which opened on 10 August 2013, has a total gross leasable area of 1.6 million sq. ft. and consists of 510 stores.

3. King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Location: King of Prussia, Pennslyvania
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet): 2,651,631

Located in the Community of King of Prussia in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, the King of Prussia Mall is the largest shopping mall complex in the United States of America with a total GLA of 2,651,631 square feet (246,344.6 m2).

Initially, when the mall was first constructed back in 1963, it consists of two separate buildings. But the two buildings are now joined back together after a major expansion was completed in 2016 to create one mega shopping mall.


4. Cevahir Mall, Istanbul

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet): 4,521,000

Next up is the Cevahir, which holds the record as the largest shopping mall in Europe. The Cavehir, which is located in the Sisli district of Istanbul, Turkey, is both a shopping and entertainment centre. The mega-complex consists of more than 300 shops within and a total of 48 restaurants, which are contained within its 4.5 million sq ft total retail floor area.

5. Persian Gulf Complex

Location: Shiraz, Iran
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet) : 4,800,000

Located in Sadra, Shiraz, in Iran, the Persian Gulf complex is a large shopping mall and the biggest if we count by the number of shops. The mega mall has space for 2,500 stores that occupy 450,000 square meters (4,800,000 sq. ft.). The shopping complex which opened in September of 2011, was developed by Royal Star International and currently owned by Hossain Hossaini.


6. Utama

Location: Damansara, Malaysia
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet): 4,900,000

Since its opening in 1995, the family-oriented One-Utama shopping mall has kept one thing consistent, and that is its growth and expansion. Currently, it ranks as the 11th largest malls in the world and one of Malaysia’s largest shopping malls.

Located in Bandar Utama, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, the One –Utama mall has a gross built-up area of 4,900,000 square feet and 713+ numbers of stores. The shopping mall is owned by Bandar Utama City Centre Sdn Bhd.

7. Isfahan City Centre

Location: Isfahan, Iran
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet): 5,010,000

The Isfahan City Centre comes at number 10th as the largest shopping malls in the world. It is an enormous commercial and entertainment Complex in Isfahan, Iran, designed by architect Medardo Cadiz of Cadiz International, Inc. and was officially opened in 2012. The mall is so large, it even has a museum inside, alongside 750+ stores on 465,500 square meters (5,011,000 sq ft) of gross leasable areas (GLA).


8. SM Seaside City Cebu

Location: Cebu City, Philippines
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet): 5,064,300

At number 7 position as the biggest shopping malls in the world is SM seaside city Cebu, locally known as SM seaside or just seaside!. This very huge shopping mall, located in south road properties Brgy. Mambaling, Cebu City, Philippines, is owned and developed by SM prime holdings in Cebu City, Philippines and is currently the 3rd largest shopping complex in the Philippines with a total GLA of more than 470,486 square meters, housing over 700 shops within.

9. SM Megamall

Location: Mandaluyong, Philippines
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet): 5,100,000

With a holding capacity of 4 million people on a GLA of 474,000 square meters (5,100,000 sq ft), SM Megamall is the second largest mall in all of the Philippines, and the 8th largest shopping mall in the world.

It was developed and still operated by SM prime holdings, and is located in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Philippines. The mall was designed by architect Antonio Sindiong & Arquitectonica and has a storage capacity of 500 shops including 280 dining outlets.


10. West Edmonton Shopping Mall

Location: Alberta, Canada
Total Retail Floor Area (In square feet): 5,300,000

The West Edmonton Mall or WEM is our 7th largest malls in the world and the largest in Northern America, located in Alberta, Canada, the shopping mall consists of more 800 shops, plus a 100 restaurants, an adventure golf course, and an ice place covering a gross area of about 490,000 m2 (5,300,000 sq ft).

The shopping complex, which welcomes more than 36 million visitors per year opened its doors on the 15 September 1981 and has since been recognized as one of the biggest shopping destinations in the world.